Forecasters Predict Cold Temperatures

Strong winds are also expected overnight.

FILE PHOTO: Wind blows through palm trees.
FILE PHOTO: Wind blows through palm trees.
Sunday might be the coldest night of this month—and where it's not freezing cold, damaging winds may strike.

Lows will be near 38 degrees in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Ana. It will be about 35 degrees in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, 28 in Santa Clarita, and 15 in the Antelope Valley. Record lows are possible in Lancaster, where it will be about 15 degrees at sunrise.

By sunrise Sunday, strong winds out of the northeast will start to develop and push the frigid air towards the ocean. Damaging winds are possible in the mountains, including the Santa Monica Mountains. From Malibu to Hollywood, people can expect sustained winds of 25 miles per hour and gusts up to 60.

There are no more hard freeze warnings because the National Weather Service says the danger areas have already had two straight freezes, so the damage has been done.

—City News Service.


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