Moorpark, As Defined by Urban Dictionary

Some of the definitions on the defined-by-you are amusing, while many are somewhat derogatory and offensive.

Urban Dictionary describes itself as "the dictionary you wrote."

We looked up the word Moorpark on the popular website and found a number of entries, but we're guessing none were written by the Chamber of Commerce or city public relations department. A few are amusing and truthful, but most are derogatory and offensive. Also, most look like they've been on the site for a while, given a some of the events/items mentioned.

Our favorite is the second highest rated definition. Here it is: 

Moorpark: We have that mammoth they dug up, that guy from Top Chef, a nationally acclaimed Academic Decathalon team, a combined gym/movie theater, about 400 supermarkets and pizza places, and, of course, we have more god damn parks than you. Moorpark. F--- yeah.

Other definitions mostly mentioned the lack of things to do in town and a few mentioned the most popular activity was to loiter outside Vons.

One noted that the town is "unfortunately affectionately called Kraproom" (hey, someone had to say it . . .).

Do these definitions do Moorpark justice? If you don't like them, you can write one you think is more accurate. You can submit your own to Urban Dictionary here. If you do write your own definition, be sure to add it to the comments section below, too!


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