Patch Chat: Shop Moorpark

What makes you decide to shop—or not shop—here in town?

I was sad to notice last week that another Moorpark business has closed.

This time it was Swagat, the only Indian restaurant in town, that was located in the Mission Bell (Albertson's) shopping center, but it's not the first Moorpark restaurant to close; We've even lost some chains, like Wendy's and Daphnes.

And that's just restaurants. Storefronts all over Moorpark stand empty, so we wanted to ask the community business-related questions this week.

First we want to know what sort of businesses you think would do well here. And what do you think it takes to make a business successful in Moorpark?

Do you subscribe to the "Shop Moorpark" philosophy? What would make you go outside of the city to shop? What sort of things would entice you to spend your money in Moorpark?

Ok, Moorpark, let's hear it.

Joey Carnes March 10, 2012 at 01:53 AM
Yes, it is sad that Swagat is gone. In their prime, they were very good. But, what would do well in Moorpark? 1) TRADER JOE'S!! I've written them to request that they consider us. Love them. 2) Mid-priced Hotel like Homewood Suites. 3) Lab Services like Quest or Westlab. 4) A good, SOLID adult primary medical group. We have a great ped group (Community Pediatrics), but nothing for the big guys. 5) A fun family restaurant like Islands. 6) An upscale Lebanese for Meditteranean restaurant. Daphne's was lacking in taste. 7) Lockheed Federal Credit Union. They rock! 7) Swagat again . . .but in a DIFFERENT location. People have bad feelings about that space and restaurants. The one before Swagat was apparantly horrible.
Guy fox March 10, 2012 at 06:22 AM
Yes. The Chinese restaurant before that was very bland. I was also bummed swagat disappeared into the night. I won't list all the businesses I think would do well since I feel the city is over the top at trying to get a simple building permit. We have tens of thousands of unleased space in Moorpark. The city should be begging us to build there. If we keep losing businesses we are in big trouble as a town. It's like a cancer when too many shops are vacant. Scary. Ok ok ok. I agree, a islands would be great. Instead, we bring in a damn Denny's! Now that shows class Moorpark!!!


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