Serving Sweets the Secret to Success for Moorpark Couple

David and Debbie Pelaez have found a way to earn a living doing something they enjoy while having a parent home with their children.

Biztalk:  Delicious Edibles

Owners:  David and Debbie Pelaez

Website:  www.deliciousedibles.com

Phone:  805-523-2884

Type of business: Desserts ordered via Web site and phone. The business caters and fills special orders.

Specialties: Wedding and birthday cakes, dessert tables, candy tables. Also rents out chocolate fountains with fruit trays.

Desserts available at: The Secret Garden, 255 E. High St. and  Java Kai Coffee Shop, 4225, Suite. A, Tierra Rejada Road

There’s a good reason why David and Debbie Pelaez, owners of the local catering company Delicious Edibles (link: www.deliciousedibles.com), have the word “delicious” as part of their business name. They make desserts—cakes, cupcakes, candies. This means that for those who have ferocious sweet tooths, the Pelaez family kitchen is the next best thing to Heaven. In other words, delicious.

David and Debbie grew up in Moorpark and met as freshmen at Moorpark High School. They didn’t start dating, though, until after they graduated. When they married, they started their life together in the San Fernando Valley. Seven years later, they’ve returned to Moorpark to settle in and raise their two children.

After they moved back, David and Debbie discussed ways that she might earn income and stay at home with their children. What they came up with was an idea that has been part of both their family histories. You see, Debbie’s father is a professional chef. David’s mother has 25 years of professional baking expertise. Given all this experience, opening a catering company seemed natural.

“I’ve been cooking for a long time,” said Debbie. “We’ve done a lot of things for friends and family.”

With David’s mother as the head baker, the Pelaez family launched Delicious Edibles a year ago as an online business. They’ve been growing ever since.

Delicious Edibles provides custom orders for big events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. They also do dessert and candy tables and work extensively with fruits and chocolates.

For her part, Debbie thinks of herself as more of a cook than a baker, but she does enjoy working with desserts, especially “the whole decorating part of the business.”

David keeps busy with community promotions and special events. For example, the community cupcake class Delicious Edibles recently sponsored at Java Kai coffee shop (link: www.javakaicoffee.com). He has also traveled around to every school in the Moorpark School District giving out free coffee and cupcakes.

“It helps me get involved in my local community,” he said. “I like being able to offer cakes, particularly for people with special diets.”

David and Debbie emphasize that the key to their business is good customer service. Whether it’s one of their templates or a custom design, their goal is to provide customers with exactly what they want.

“The way we make things is very unique,” said David. “We have set designs, but we’re always willing to go outside those designs to make something memorable for the customer.”

For David, having a home-based business has a double advantage of providing a creative means of income and allowing each parent to spend time at home.

“I like being able to spend time with my family as well as creating pieces of art out of cake,” he said.

With baking, Debbie noted that there is a special joy in the creative process. Desserts in particular have the advantage of making people smile. And being hands on in the baking process allows for better quality and service.

“I like the fact I can make people happy and give them what they want,” she said. “We’re all about customer service. We’re all about making things fresh.”


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