Moorpark Businesses Face Uncertain Future if Sequester Shrinks Budgets

Federal agencies will have fewer funds beginning Friday if Republicans and Democrats can’t avoid the sequester deadline.

A political deal struck in the summer of 2011 will begin to affect the economy Friday, unless feuding lawmakers in Washington can agree on a compromise.

The sequester will mandate significant cuts to the federal budget, with few if any government agencies immune to reductions in funding. Defense and domestic spending will be evenly slashed, and the impacts on local economies are far from clear.

Ventura County has some 13,300 federal employees and retirees, according to Eye on Washington, and their fate could include furloughs or worse. Media reports include warnings on delays in air travel and tax refunds. Civilians employed by the Department of Defense face the possibility of furloughs.

“The possibility exists for a 22-day furlough of Federal employees,” said Brian O’Rourke, spokesman for Navy Region Southwest.

As well, local businesses with defense contracts could be affected by the cuts. Congressional district reports from 2011 show, during that year, there were 14 such Moorpark businesses:

  • Air Instro Inc.
  • Allison's New Leaf, Inc.
  • Arizona Aero Fasteners Inc.
  • Cimatron Gibbs LLC
  • Danmar Industries Inc
  • Federal Defense Industries, Inc.
  • Finishing Equipment Co, Inc.
  • Glenndee Corp.
  • Kavlico Corporation
  • Koros U.S.A., Inc.
  • Robert Peterson
  • Special Devices Inc.
  • Standard Aero Parts, Inc.
  • Testequity LLC


To see which other Ventura County businesses have defense contracts that could be affected by the cuts, search the Congressional District Reports at For the Common Defense.org.

Downloadable spreadsheets show the contract dollar amount, contractor business name,  address and phone number, the contractor industry classification, and whether the business is a small or disadvantaged business, woman-owned, minority-owned or veteran-owned, according to the website.

The Obama administration released on Sunday a report for each state detailing the impacts of the sequester’s budget cuts, and Republicans have accused the president of using scare tactics for political gain.

The seven-page report for California paints a grim picture for education, environmental protections, the military, law enforcement, child care, public health and government services. The report is attached to this article in the PDF section.

The nation has been through this drill before. The sequester was set to begin on Jan. 1, 2013, if lawmakers weren’t able to reduce the budget deficit. That deadline came and went, but they were able to agree on postponing the sequester for two months. That time is running out.


Ken Simons March 02, 2013 at 04:22 PM
According to a recent economic overview given by the economist from CLU, there will be some cuts but in the long run the federal spending will still increase each year. The reason why there is not a solution, is because the Sequestor is probably good for government. It still allows the parties to point toward each other. Meanwhile we are not really increasing GDP over inflation or creating the necessary 250,000 jobs a month needed to keep our economy growing. Unemployment is down because a lot of folks stopped looking for jobs. I had to jump over the Fiscal Cliff to figure this out.


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