Give Back My Horses....Pleeeez!!

I had a very strange but real vision today....actually it was yesterday, but I'm writing today.. So...I looked around me and saw as if for the first time all the cars around me in this small quaint town. They were in front , behind and on all sides. Big, ridiculously big Hummers, trucks, SUV, s and every shape and size passenger car invented. Then there were all those monstrous 18 wheelers pouring out smoke and smells that made me turn on my air. .not a/c...my car is ancient and that comfort broke a few yrs ago. I felt trapped among all the metal and plastic and noise around me. I couldn't help but think about all these "green minded" citizens. Recycled cans and bottles their way of life and that's a good thing. Solar panels in their beautiful homes and cotton clothing on their sweet babies who drink pure juice from their juicers. But yet, many don't drive those new hybrid cars. They drove the humongous vehicles with prestige that scream to all those on the road...."Look at me ...I'm successful"....while the gas guzzling iron tanks suck up all the resources that make the fuel prices rise and bank accounts shrink. Am I insulting anyone? I do apologize but Mother Earth needs a voice. We are saving whales and limited off shore drilling and cleaning up beaches..all good. But what about the vehicle you drive? Now I'm not saying every red blooded citizen should drive an old clunker because that too causes issues like pollution and angry people stuck on the side of the road..again..late for work..due to the car breaking down! No..we all need decent working vehicles that get us reliably where we need to go, but there must be some collective consciousness concerning our egos and the only planet we can live on ( for now). So...I decided..yes little ole me...that we need to ban cars...trucks...SUV,s..etc and only have horses. Every citizen would have a healthy good natured horse to use for work, school, whatever. The cost of horse ownership is way below that of a car or truck. Horse shoes cost is considerably low and more jobs for farriers; hay and feed much lower than filling up on gas every 2 days; repairs for cars that is now at prices the same as a cardiologist fee for open heart surgery would be erased and I doubt we would have road rage incidents..at least to a minimum. Hey..crazy lady...what about those who live in cities..urban america? Well...that's where stables come in. And if you work far from where you live? What about that..huh? Trains...yes..that would still be allowed but a horse would be used for all your other needs like running to Von's and taking the kids to school...buggy's would be used..like the Amish! Ok...so its a little ridiculous to expect we would ever go back to a simple way of life..I get it. We've come too far from the land of horses. But wouldn't it be nice to hear that whinny every morn as you rose. No car payments and a beautiful creature to own instead of a metal one ? We do have bicycles and could use them more as they do in NY city. And Europe outlawed the gas guzzlers a long time ago...instead most use scooters or motorbikes. The point is...we must do something. The manufactures need to create the hybrids at lower prices for everyone to afford. More incentives for buying them and cheaper insurance rates as well need to be incorporated. Erase the notion that "bigger and more expensive" is better. If you really want to impress your neighbor, cousin and ex then use that extra money to help someone less fortunate. Donate to charities and give some time to a cause...there's plenty out there. Look, I'm not telling anyone what to do, but sitting amidst all the vehicles at a light that took forever tends to make ones imagination run free...like a horse..in a field...oh my..here I go again!

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Penny Arévalo March 19, 2014 at 04:48 PM
Don't be alarmed de anne, I added a generic traffic photo (yes, I know it's not Moorpark). I can't highlight your blog without a photo.
de anne March 19, 2014 at 09:40 PM
Thank you...the photo is great and emphasizes my dilemma and my point. Still learning the how-to's so I can add pics and illustrations....how do I get my blog unto Facebook and other media to get more readers? Still learning!?
Penny Arévalo March 19, 2014 at 09:45 PM
Just copy the link in the URL and paste. To add photos, click on the camera icon beneath the text box when you're posting your blog. To edit, click the green arrow drop-down menu to the right of the headline. And please consider using more hard returns to create more paragraphs. :-)


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