I Need My Hour Back!

Daylight savings has started again as we turned our clocks AHEAD one hour this weekend. Blah! Why oh why do we do this archaic practice? It was at one time for farmers, I believe. But do we truly need to continue this now in 2014?? I realize its only one day into this but I'm upset! I need that single hour...I don't have enough hours in my day as it is. Now I've been robbed of an hour I believe is precious and I need it and want it back! Where does this hour go? Obviously it wasn't a mother who decided this practice was a good idea. Mornings are tough enough waking the kids and getting them off to school. Now its dark and colder and I still can't get that one cup of coffee fast enough. There are so many things I need that hour for! 1. I could be walking my annoying Shi Tsu before waking the kids. 2. I could maybe just wake up a little with a HOT cup of java instead of stone cold. 3. I could use that hour to do my relaxation yoga or when motivated get on the elliptical. 4. I could even read a few chapters of that book from the library that is now 8 days overdue. 5. I could write a few articles and certainly one of my blogs. 6. I could bathe my ShiTsu or risk brushing my 30lb cat. 7...Do you get my point.....there's so much one can do in one hour...I've only touched on a few. So...I want my hour back..my pretty sunrise as I grab my morning coffee and prepare myself for another day. Oh, I know there are more important issues to whine about, but I really do find this whole daylight savings just one big pain in my...day! Arizona doesn't do it and they survived just fine All I'm saying is can we please stop this already and let me have my little hour...I need it and that's that! I know...in 7 months I'll get it back. I just don't want to wait that long. Maybe we can compromise and just give me back 30 minutes...that'd be fine. Ok...15?? Never mind.... .

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