Track the Easter Bunny Tonight

Hop online to find out where the bunny is hopping.

The Easter Bunny has been hard at work arranging baskets all year. So, we know he's eager to get to work.

But if you're particularly eager to find out when he's heading down High Street—or anywhere else in Moorpark, or the rest of the world, for that matter— you're in luck! The CP Trackers website has a live Easter Bunny Tracker just for you. The site has the current location of the Easter Bunny, complete with the weather conditions Mr. Bunny must face!

A website called The Bunny Tracker also has a map of the bunny's travels, but the map doesn't include the weather conditions and is running a little slow due to increased traffic.

TrackEasterBunny.com claims to track the candy carrying bunny, but Patch watched it count down to zero Friday night and nothing ever came online. As of Saturday morning, the counter had reset and was counting down again.

There is also a Ustream channel set up to track the Easter Bunny, which was supposed to go online Friday at 11 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. However, as of Saturday morning it wasn't online either. As of 1:30 p.m. Saturday, the channel was up, but it was just a live stream of the The CP Trackers website.

We'll keep checking back for the TrackEasterBunny.com website, but for now The CP Trackers has the most up-to-date information on the Easter Bunny! Just a reminder from the website, you'll have to hit refresh on the page to keep updating the bunny's location.

Of course the season is about a lot more than chocolates and bunnies … it's about family. So, Patch hopes you will enjoy the day with family and friends.

Happy Easter!

  • For the Easter Bunny tracker from The CP Trackers, click here.
  • For the Easter Bunny tracker from The Bunny Tracker, click here.


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