Blogger to Share 'Blues Mobile' Transformation

A 1970 Plymouth from St. Louis, MO will be made into a replica from "The Blues Brothers" movie for a Moorpark talent review.

is in the process of planning its annual talent show, and, with the help of local school bands and dance teams, the church will present The Blues Brothers—Rhythm, Blues and Talent Review April 21. The show will raise money for youth programs at the church and the PTSAs for Moorpark High and the city's middle schools.

The plan is to recreate as much of The Blues Brothers movie as possible, with particular emphasis on the songs and performances from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway and, of course, Jake and Elwood Blues, said church elder Christopher Bryan, who will be blogging on Patch about the transformation.

"There is one element of the movie that you absolutely have to have to push the fun level over the top," he said in an initial note to Patch. "That is the Blues Mobile."

After months of searching, church members located and secured a 1970 Plymouth Grand Fury four-door sedan that will ultimately be transformed into the famous Blues Mobile, complete with giant working speaker on top—at least that's the plan, Bryan said.

Read the blog (the first will be posted on the site at 10 a.m. today, Monday) to join in the adventure of getting the car to Moorpark and the  transformation it takes as members of the church prepare it for its "Mission from God."


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