Blog: How much equity can a tree add to your property?

Many are not aware of the value mature trees can bring to a property.

Did you know that back in the better market, full grown mature trees could have added as much as 20% value to your property?  In this market, I would imagine you could cut the value in half, yet that is still a substantial amount of equity to your property.

Some things to look into when choosing trees for your property:

1)      Find out where your sewer line is, and try to avoid planting trees close to any plumbing lines and concrete walkways.  Trees with shallow roots will spread out looking for water and may intrude into your lines and/or closeby concrete causing expensive service calls and repairs down the road.  Some of the types of trees I’m told can affect your plumbing lines are Birch trees and Ficus trees in particular.  Before purchasing, ask the nursery if they are shallow rooting trees or if the roots tend to grow straight down.  If roots grow straight down, this means the tree is more stable during storms and winds as well. Another trick when planting the tree for deeper root growth is to make sure to deep water the tree base several times to encourage the roots to grow straight down into the ground.

2)      Does the tree lose its leaves?  If so, you might take a “Green” strategic approach so the tree (when mature) shades the home during the afternoon sun in the summer, but will not affect the home for heating purposes in the winter when the leaves are off and you would like the heat of the sun on the home.

3)      Does the tree flower, and if so, how many droppings and what types of droppings come from the tree that could fall onto concrete and vehicles?  Trees such as Jacaranda trees have a beautiful lavender flower, but the droppings can be very hard to remove from the concrete.

So, increase the value of your property, and beautify Moorpark, plant a tree!  And think twice before cutting that scraggly mature tree down in the backyard.  Perhaps it just needs a good tree trimming by a certified arborist.  You'd be surprised the magic a skilled tree trimmer can do.

Happy planting!

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Brenda Cusick October 11, 2012 at 03:22 PM
Make it an avocado tree! They are evergreen & people LOVE fruit trees.


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