Opinion: Re-enactment Teaches Valuable Lessons

We should use history as a guide in making present-day decisions.

By Jay Ross


I could almost agree with your view, but I won't. I have been to the , and while I would not participate in it, I do see the historic value in it.

We should not forget the lessons learned in history, after all, we have all had history lessons in school, and that will continue. We should, in fact, remember 911, Pearl Harbor and WWII and WWI and hope that we will never make those historic mistakes again, but try to avoid letting those things take place again. Oh, and lets' not forget the Holocaust...

The fact is, WE ALL LEARN FROM HISTORY.  The bible itself, has stories of destruction of cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) that were destroyed by GOD. Those cities did, in fact, have men, women and children in them at that time.

Why does the Bible have such a horrible account as that? Because it tells us of the kind of Evil that God needed to wipe out, we come to know what kind of behavior God does not want to accept. The crucifixion of Christ is not a pretty story, but it is the most significant event in history. So, are we going to stop reading the Bible because it has stories like that?

Are you afraid that it is going to damage some young child's mind? Very small children, perhaps, should not witness the event. They are too young to understand such an event. However, trying to shield children from the not-so-good things in the world may leave them unaware of just what evils lurk just around the corner. I grew up in near ghetto conditions, and I can tell you that I am much wiser because of it. I do know what I want to avoid, and don't want to be a part of.

Taking kids to a crack house as you mentioned, would be a real good scared-strait lesson if you want my opinion. I believe that too many kids are naive when it comes to the dangers of drugs and the kinds of people that can ruin their lives; yet, they fall into it ever so innocently, not really knowing where it is taking them. The same goes for the Scared Strait TV shows. Why do you think they expose some kids with problems to those mean and very scary guys in prison?  These kids need to know first hand where they may be headed and what to do to avoid taking the wrong path.

We should not forget lessons learned in history, but use them wisely to guide how we should and should not conduct our present decisions.

You don't have to attend the Civil War Re-enactment, you can go to the zoo, your free choice. After all, we do live in a free country because of the brave men who fought for it in those nasty wars some would like to forget about.

Peter Carrube November 09, 2011 at 07:34 PM
Mr. Ross is correct in noting the values of lessons learned, about the good and evil of our history of man. Although I do not see reenactments of Pearl Harbor, WWII, WWI nor the Holocaust...THANK GOD... But if he thinks by bringing your family to a reenactment of a war that has already been fought is a "History Lesson", than thats where I stop agreeing with him. Trust me, our children learn about the evils of war fast enough in their daily lives, the internet, TV, school, conversation of a friend's friend off to war and so on.. With all the other "opportunites" of learning the "History" of this war, I find it unneccessary to actually attend the war itself... I'm not saying to "forget" about the events of war, just simply do not "re-live" them... And since he brought it up, I'm sure Jesus would not buy a ticket to such an event...


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