Moorpark Police Busy This Week Battling Theft

Several Arrests Made for Residential Burglaries

Moorpark police were busy this week investigating theft and vandalism. Here's a short list of reported criminal activity around Moorpark this week.

Sunday, November 13

Suspect arrested for felony vandalism exceeding $400. The suspect is accused of allegedly scratching the entire side of five separate vehicles belonging to victim on Hatfield Court. Damage was estimated at $12,000.

Monday, November 14

Suspect arrested on felony grand theft charges for allegedly stealing $50,000 in jewelry from victim’s residence on Peppermill Street. He was booked in County Jail. Bail was set at $10,000.

Wednesday, November 16

Suspect arrested for first degree residential burglary in house located on Mondavi Court. Suspect allegedly broke into the house through a locked door and stole three hypodermic needles worth less than $20.

Suspect arrested for felony robbery on High Street at Magnolia Avenue and on Los Angeles Avenue. He was booked in East Valley Jail.

Suspect arrested for furnishing marijuana to minors at Peach Hill Park. He was booked in East Valley Jail. Bail was set at $50,000.

Thursday, November 17

Report of felony - structure burglary at American Heritage Nursery. Suspects entered fenced property, cut the locks on 18 conex boxes, then took mowers, edgers, and landscaping tools. Estimate on stolen property totalled over $19,000. No arrests currently reported.


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