New Safety System Debuts Prior to 4th Anniversary of Chatsworth Train Wreck

Positive Train Control can apply train brakes remotely.

Just two days before the 4th anniversary of the Chatsworth train wreck that killed 25 and injured 135 Metrolink commuters, the rail system rolled out new safety technology.

Called Positive Train Control, the system monitors trains by using global positioning. And if two get too close, a computer will warn the engineer and automatically apply the brakes.

The technology is a direct response to the Sept. 12, 2008, crash of a Metrolink train head-on into a Union Pacific train after leaving the Chatsworth station heading toward Simi Valley.

The Metrolink engineer failed to see a red stop signal because he was texting on his cellphone, investigators said.

Read more about Metrolink, the wreck and aftermath:

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BP September 11, 2012 at 09:56 AM
Actually the system has been around a few decades. Funny when it's tax-payers footing the bill it's no bars ---no bids ---whatever they want to charge but when it's private railroads our government whores are like they can do whatever the f--- they want to because we're bought.


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