Moorpark City Council to Consider Parking Tickets, RV Storage

The Council will meet at 7 p.m. tonight at City Hall.

The Moorpark City Council's Wednesday night meeting could be a short one, if the agenda is any indication. There are only three items in the hearings and discussion/action sections.

Of particular interest to anyone who's forgotten about street sweeping day and recieved a ticket will be the discussion of establishing a formal policy for the review and processing of parking citations issued through the city. Though acceptable explanations for canceling a street sweeping parking citation have been developed over time, they have not been formalized by the city council, according to a report to the council by senior management analyst Shaun Kroes. See the entire report on the City of Moorpark website.

The council will consider hiring a consultant to conduct a voter opinion survey to determine the feasibility of increasing taxes or assessements, an action recommended by the Finance, Administration and Public Safety Committee after its Feb. 6 meeting. The city last conducted such a survey in 2007, when voters were asked questions regarding satisdaction with parks, traffic and their willingness to support an increase in taxes to help pay for city services. At the time, voters did not support either a bond measure or a business license tax; however, in the past few years, according to a report by city staff to the council, the general fund is feeling the hit of flatlined tax revenue and increased costs. See the staff's report on this agenda item here.

Finally, the council will consider a conditional use permit to allow an outdoor recreational vehicle storage facility at 4875 Spring Road. This issue is open to public hearing. Read the details here.

The council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Moorpark City Hall/Community Center, 799 Moorpark Ave.


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