Sound Off On The Presidential Debate

Join our panel of Republicans and Democrats as they watch and analyze the performances of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in their first presidential debate Wednesday at 6 p.m. Add your own thoughts in the comments.

Patch's California sites welcome you to our live online discussion on the first of three presidential debates, which will begin when the debate begins at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The debate is expected to run to 7:30 p.m. Incumbent Democrat Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney square off on domestic issues, including the economy, at the University of Denver in Colorado.

Please join our moderated discussion as we watch the debate. As always, we ask that all comments be kept civil and respectful of our panelists and readers. 

Check your local TV listings for times and stations that will cover the debate live. Then let us hear from you as you watch the candidates take questions and respond to each others answers.

Our panel of influential California Republicans and Democrats will be adding their observations in the Cover It Live blog.

Readers are invited to add their comments in the article comments field below. Just come back at 6 p.m. and join in the conversation.

Let us hear from you!


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