Class of 2012: The High School at Moorpark College

Fifty-eight seniors comprise the class of 2012.

Tonight is the graduation of The High School at . The event will take place at the Performing Arts Center on campus, starting at 6 p.m.

The keynote speaker will be Andi Mallen, the high school's first principal. A few graduates will be delivering inspirational speeches while some will be entertaining the crowd with musical numbers.

There are no valedictorians or honor students. "They are all graduating with distinction, as far as we're concerned," said Patricia Birckhead, principal.

"They have all been taking college level courses since 11th grade and that's a tough feat," said Birckhead of the 58 seniors that make up the class of 2012.

All but one student have decided where they're heading for college. The majority will be continuing at or attending universities in the area such as California State University-Northridge, California Lutheran University and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

A few will be attending out-of-state universities such as Cornell University, the University of Hawaii at Hilo and the University of Connecticut. One graduate will be attending the University of St. Andrews, Scotland's oldest university.

Moorpark Patch salutes the members of the class of 2012:

Agostinelli, Danielle

Aguilar, Miguel

Alton, Rene

Arterburn, John

Baker, Amanda

Baker, Ashley

Barajas, Emilia

Becerra, Ashley

Beethem, Zachary

Beuzieron, Arielle

Burnett McGrath, Spencer

Burt, Tristen

Callero, Sean

Casas, Danika

Cope, Samantha

Cornish, Heather

Crawford, Dalton

Donahoe, Ariana

Ehler, Aidan

Evans, Samantha

Gargiulo, Titina

Gutierrez, Christina

Howard, Sabian

Janowski, Jake

Jarman, Allison

Kaplan, Alec

Kasel, Thomas

Khosravi, Saina

Kolkey, Sean

Kubit, Braden

Lisle, Seth

Malone, Sean

Mancilla, Danielle

Mar, Tanner

Markum, Blake

Marrin, Joshua

McDonald, Vicky

McKee, Rebecca

Meissner, Carmen

Mohammadi, Regina

Person, Sara

Petrula, Garrett

Polito, Andrew

Porter, Austin

Saraceno, Frank

Saxe, Haley

Schroeter, Isabel

Scott, Rachel

Tarango, Aunee

Thompson, Alex

Thompson, James

Tomita, Kacie

Torres, Conner

Vazquez, Caitlin

Walker, Brittany

Wilhelm, Katy

Wilk, Katie

Williams, Gwendolyn

Matt E. Valenzuela May 25, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Even though most adults read at an eighth-grade level, and 20 percent of the population reads at or below a fifth-grade level, these young adults are doing work at the college level. Wow!!! There is hope for the future of America. We now have Smart Phones and Smart this and that, but what I personally pray for is Smart Kids. There are students all over the USA performing just like this group at Moorpark College; unfortunately, all we hear about nationally is about that "one with a gun". I would rather pick up the Sports page and read about the feats of someone like runner Sarah Baxter breaking her own records than what's on the front page. Where would the supermarkets be if they ad- vertised only the rotten apple that came in the box with all the other healthy red apples? We have to shine a bright light on these young adults; they merit our attention and our praise. Someone should interview the parents of these students and find out what they did to inspire their sons and daughters to be and do better. These young lads and lasses are our future leaders of American. God Bless the USA! Matt E. Valenzuela Veteran, USMC


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